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About Ami Johnston
Ami Johnston was born in Chester, England in 1986 and still lives there to this day.
Right from the word go all she wanted to do was draw and paint. On both her mother and fathers sides of the family there is a great deal of artistic influence which has enhanced her desire to become a successful artist. Ami's uncle, Gary Sollars is an accomplished artist that has had his work exhibited in well know galleries such as the Tate Liverpool and John Moores.
When I grow up I want to go there
Painted By Gary sollars
Oil on canvas 210cm x 105cm.
John Moores exhibit 2006
Her grandfather Duncan D Johnston, was also a keen artist who loved to paint with oils. Sadly Ami never met her grandfather but she was still inspired by the paintings he did which still hang in our home.
Painting by Duncan D Johnston.
As a child I couldn't really afford to buy my mum expensive presents so to save money I would draw her a picture of a celebrity or anything she was dropping hints for me to draw for her as a gift.
I've always said my mum is my biggest fan and I still remember her carrying my sketch books no matter how big or small they were into town to show her friends and even in the local pubs!
From this early age I realised my drawings could earn me a small living or at least at the time, extra pocket money. My favourite things to draw (and still inspire me to this day) were dinosaurs and dragons! My obsession with dinosaurs came about when I was given the VHS Jurassic Park for my birthday and dragons when I discovered a japanese animation called Legend of the Four Kings. My mum was a barmaid in one of our local pubs and often when she was working I would take my sketch pad and pencils with me. To keep me busy she would tell me to draw pictures for the customers either ones they requested or pre-drawn pictures of carnivorous dinosaurs and fire breathing dragons. I would go round to each customer and ask if they would like to buy a picture and was hardly ever turned away feeling dissapointed as I would walk away from them with an extra £1-£2 in my hand!
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